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B.A.R.C.C. Connect

B.A.R.C.C. Connect

This is a FREE service provided to residents of the County of Barrhead, Town of Barrhead & Woodlands County, by the Barrhead & Area Regional Crime Coalition.  This service allows the Barrhead RCMP as well as the County of Barrhead to send out information and alerts to residents within the County who have registered for the service.  This is a voluntary program for residents to receive the information they choose, when they need it.  With accurate information coming from sources you can trust, our municipalities and law enforcement are taking a proactive approach to tackling crime and keeping residents informed.

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How to Register

To create an account, use the form below.  To modify your account (ie contact information, group selections, notification preferences) click on "MY ACCOUNT".  If you require any assistance in registering or changing your account, contact our office in person or by calling 780-674-3331 or reach us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Doug Drozd on the Ryan Jespersen Show

On October 12, 2018, Doug Drozd was interviewed by an excited Ryan Jespersen regarding B.A.R.C.C. Connect and the Coalition.  Click on the image to listen to the enthusiastic interview.

Doug Drozd on Ryan Jespersen Show


Frequently Asked Questions


How much does this cost me?

This is a free service provided by B.A.R.C.C and your local municipality. For cell phone users who subscribe to SMS alerts, standard message rates will apply. No information that consumes large amounts of data such as an image or video will be sent. Links to such additional information will be provided but users can access them at their discretion.

How do I change my information or unsubscribe?

Users can log back into their account at any time to alter their information or their subscription options by visiting any of the registration portals on participating municipal websites.

What if I am not home?

The system will recognize when a human voice answers or when an answering machine picks up and will start the message when appropriate.

Who can sign up?

This system is open to anyone who wants to register, however your address plays a key role in some of the alerts you will receive. Users who do not have an address input may receive alerts regarding broad subject matter, but will not receive geographic alerts such as crime notifications or service interruptions in their immediate area.  Mapping of your address is key to this system's success.  During registration you have the option of "pinning" your address on the map.  Making sure the pin is in the correct location on the map, will ensure that you receive alerts pertinent in your geographical area.

Who messages me?

Only your municipality and the regional RCMP will be able to send you alerts.

Is my information safe?

User information is kept on a secured server with very limited access and cannot be used for any purpose other than what you have signed up for. 

Will I get spammed?

Every effort is made to ensure users only receive alerts that are relevant and important to them. General information will not be sent through this system, only urgent information that is time sensitive and directly affects the user.