County Land Use Bylaw & Municipal Development Plans

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County Land Use Bylaw & Municipal Development Plans 

The County of Barrhead Land Use Bylaw highlights the following ideas as it's guide in land use planning:

1. To preserve areas of better agricultural land for agricultural purposes

2. To protect the natural environment

3. To prevent development on hazardous lands

4. To prevent potential health hazards

5. To ensure safe and efficient transportation routes

6. To promote orderly and economical development

7. To prevent inappropriate developments

8. To prevent incompatible land uses from developing in close proximity to each other

These and other principles are contained within the Land Use Bylaw. The Land Use Bylaw strives to balance the best use of our limited lands while respecting individual rights and unique situations for the best possible outcome for all! 

The Municipal Development Plan provides policies which encourage diversification of the local economy while encouraging sustainable growth in all areas. The Plan supports the preservation of significant environmental, recreational and historic areas while also encouraging a number of different land use mixes in order to ensure the existing community and future generations have a desirable place to live, work and play.