Kiel Industrial Park

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Kiel Info                           
NOW SELLING PHASE ONE LOTS!!! 3.95 to 7.76 acres

  •  Offering accessible and flexible lots 
  •  Fully serviced lots ready for immediate development 
  •  Negotiable purchase price and financing options available 
  •  Phase Two lots available (up to 100+ acres)
 To view the Kiel Industrial Park brochure, click here

Non-Residential Property Tax Incentives

County of Barrhead Council passed Bylaw 7-2021, Non-Residential Tax Incentive. This bylaw aims to further stimulate economic development in the community by attracting new investment and encouraging expansion of existing development. 
The intent of the Non-Residential Tax Incentive Bylaw is to leverage the authority given to municipalities by the province to provide business incentives to build in the County of Barrhead. 
New construction or assessment improvements will benefit from a municipal tax exemption for up to 3 years depending on the value of the increase in non-residential or machinery and equipment assessment.  For further information and to review the Non-Residential Tax Incentive Bylaw, click here

Project Background - Development of Kiel 

Early in 2012, the County of Barrhead purchased a 160 acre quarter section of farmland located at NE 27-59-3-W5, two miles east of the Town of Barrhead.

The purpose of obtaining this land is that Council sees the value of having a suitable parcel of land available to offer for prospective ventures. There are many uses that, while beneficial to the whole community, may not be suitably located in an urban setting. The County of Barrhead wishes to have land readily available should such a venture wish to locate in our community. Also, it could provide for a future site that would house County offices, the Agricultural Service Board and Public Works if and when the time arises.

This parcel was chosen due to its proximity to services and the town site. The land is currently leased as farmland, with a natural gas line running through it. Three phase power is available and municipal wastewater and water supply lines are contained within a utility corridor running along the north side of the land. A modular home manufacturing plant operates on a site in the quarter section to the north of this parcel.

The County of Barrhead completed a feasibility study to determine best industry fit, best business model and plans for moving forward with this development, with excellent results. 
For more information on the County of Barrhead's initiatives, please contact Development Officer Jenny Bruns at 780-674-3331