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The County of Barrhead has a number of bylaws in place for the regulation and control of various matters including land use, vehicle weight restrictions and speed limits on local roads, dog control, off highway vehicles, noise, unsightly premises, fire control and fireworks.  Where citizen activities or property conditions don’t meet accepted  municipal standards, the County may provide education, warnings, inspections, and apply penalties. 

 The County does not employ a Community Peace Officer. Our bylaw enforcement services, when required, are provided through contracted services from nearby municipalities. If you have a bylaw complaint, please call me, the County Manager, who will note the details of your complaint and determine the direction to be taken to remedy the problem, which MAY include utilizing the services of a Community Peace Officer.

Here are a few of our frequently asked questions about bylaws and  a bit of information about them. 

By-law Enforcement Officer - Bylaw 15-95

Prevention & Control of Fires - Bylaw 8-2013 

Dog Control - Bylaw 3-2003

General Penalties - Bylaw 4-87

Noise and Pollution Bylaw 47-85

Off Highway Vehicle Bylaw 7-2010

Public Places & Assemblies - Bylaw 54-83

Public Reserves - Bylaw 50-85

Rural Addressing - Bylaw 4-2006

Unsightly Premises - Bylaw 7-99

Water and Sewer Utility Rates Amendment - Bylaw 6-2018

Fireworks - Bylaw 7-2014


Solid Waste:

          Regulation and Operation of Regional Landfill Site & Transfer Stations - Bylaw 28-87

          Rules & Regulations for Operation of Regional Landfill Site & Transfer Stations (July, 1989)

          Solid Waste Bylaw - 16-94


Speed Zones:

          Speed Limits - Bylaw 7-2013 


Wastewater Lagoons:

          Use & Regulation of Sewage Lagoon - Lightning Bay/Thunder Lake - Bylaw 35-87

          Use & Regulation of Sewage Lagoon - Dunsatble/Lac La Nonne - Bylaw 8-91



          Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 4-2010

          Land Use Bylaw 5-2010

For general information about development, including subdivision and development permit application forms, click here