Buying and Selling Online

Buying and Selling Online 
Online SalesWhen buying or selling items online, be aware of potential dangers and use caution.  
Protect your personal safety:
  • Meet in a public place during the daytime, or use Barrhead's Designated Meeting Site.
  • Have someone come with you when meeting up.
  • Do not disclose how you will be paying if it is not necessary, especially if paying with cash.
  • Turning a blind eye to obvious clues that the items is stolen is illegal.  Report suspicious sales attempts to the police.
Protect your purchase:
  • Obtain a bill of sale and verify the sellers' identity with photo ID.  Inform them that you require this before meeting, as this will deter individuals selling illegitimate items.  
  • Take screenshots of the advertisements, ad ID number, buyer & seller contact information, and all communication.  
  • When buying or selling a vehicle, offer to meet at an automotive garage where the vehicle's quality can be assured.
  • Ask why the items are being sold.