About the ASB

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cowsThe Agricultural Service Board functions as the voice of agriculture by advising and responding to issues of local, provincial, and national interest.

It is the Agricultural Service Board's mission to work with rural residents in the County of Barrhead to update their knowledge of weeds, pests, diseases, conservation practices, new products, farming techniques, markets, and public relations that impact them. 
We will also integrate programs for the safety and well being of rural families and community with the intent to encourage young farmers to remain in the industry.

The Agricultural Service Board is legislated to conduct its activities under the Weed Control Act, the Agricultural Pests Act, the Soil Conservation Act, and the Livestock Diseases Act.  The Service Board makes recommendations to County Council and the Provincial Minister of Agriculture. 
Board Members: The Agricultural Service Board consists of three County Councillors and four Members at Large.

Contact the Agricultural Fieldman for more information:

 Agricultural Fieldman  Kyle Meunier  kmeunier@countybarrhead.ab.ca