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Transfer Station

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NOTICE:  Week of January 14 - Transfer Stations will remain open during the extreme cold temperatures.  For the safety of our staff, attendants will not be on site.

 Transfer Stations 

Effective January 1, 2010
 Station Name  Legal Description  Days of Operation  Hours of Operation
 Tiger Lily 60528 HWY 763   Monday  1 pm- 7 pm 
 Meadowview  58027 HWY 764  Tuesday  1 pm- 7 pm 
 Manola  59416 Rge RD 24  Wednesday  1 pm- 7 pm 
 Vega/Neerlandia  62317 Rge Rd 35  Thursday  1 pm- 7 pm 
 Thunder Lake  NE 20-59-5-W5  Saturday  1 pm- 7 pm 
 Dunstable  57403 Rge Rd 21  Sunday  1 pm- 7 pm 


 New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day

 Contact:                      Luke Wutzke - Luke's Contact Hauling -780-674-0078          
*No Used Oil Receptacles, Must take used oil to Regional Landfill Station on Thursdays.  Click here for information on hours.