Proclamations of Council

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A proclamation is a formal public statement of Council to recognize a day, week or month for an issue that has an impact on the County of Barrhead.  The goal of a proclamation is to honour, celebrate, or raise awareness for an event or cause.  

2023 Proclamations in the County of Barrhead:
Cybersecurity Awareness Month: October 2023 
With municipalities across Canada, the County will be participating in Cyber Month 2023, which is all about stepping up our cyber fitness. Follow us through October as we share how you can get cyber safe!

National Nursing Week: May 8-14, 2023
Nurses are the backbone of a strong Albertan healthcare system.  The pandemic brought the courage and commitment of nurses to light, and the role they play in a healthy community.  Nurses work tirelessly to ensure their fellow Canadians are treated with compassion, dignity, and professionalism.  County of Barrhead joins the Alberta Association of Nurses in proclaiming May 8-14, 2023 as Nursing Week, to recognize the vital role that nurses play in a healthy community.  Alberta Association of Nurses encourages all Albertans to reflect on the impact of nurses and celebrate nurses in our community.  
Rural Health Week: May 29 - June 2, 2023 
Rural healthcare providers are powerful assets in their communities.  Their vital skills enhance their community's quality of life, and contribute to rural life on a more personal level through special relationships with their patients and community.  
For 3 decades, the Rural Health Professions Action Plan (RhPAP) has supported efforts of rural Albertans to maintain an accessible healthcare workforce close to home.  Originally focused on supporting practicing rural physicians, RhPAP has grown to be a broader rural community health workforce attraction and retention resource, an ally with Alberta‚Äôs medical schools, as well as a trusted, collaborative partner for rural Alberta communities trying to achieve greater access to health care.  Click here for more information on RhPAP & Rural Health Week.
Seniors' Week: June 5-11, 2023
For decades, Albertans have celebrated the first week of June to honour and recognize Albertan seniors for their many contributions to Alberta.  County of Barrhead has joined the provincial government in declaring June 5-11 as Seniors' Week.  More information on celebrations throughout the province can be found at:
Drowning Prevention Week: July 16-22, 2023 
Most drownings are preventable in a Water Smart community.  Water Smart education and a healthy respect for the potential danger that a body of water may present can help to enjoy the recreation opportunities offered by water bodies.  The Lifesaving Society urges Canadians and residents of the County of Barrhead to supervise children who are in and around the water, to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages while participating in aquatic activities, and to wear a Personal Floatation Device at all times when boating.  
With the Lifesaving Society Canada, County of Barrhead has declared July 16-22, 2023 as National Drowning Prevention Week, to focus on the drowning problem and the hundreds of lives that could be saved this year.  View Council's proclamation here, and click here for more information on drowning prevention.