Water and Sewer Services

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The County of Barrhead provides water and sewer services to the Hamlets of Neerlandia, Manola and MacGill Estates via the Barrhead Regional Water Commission.
Utility Forms & Applications 
Utility Emergencies
For water and wastewater emergencies, contact the Utilities Officer at 780-284-8985.
Water Utilities Locate Request
Any request for locating water, wastewater, or stormwater utilities in the County of Barrhead must be made through Alberta One Call at www.utilitysafety.ca
Bulk Water Fill Station
County of Barrhead has one water fill station located in the Hamlet of Manola. Please contact our administration office to set up an account. Please note that coins are no longer accepted at this station, and an account is needed to dispense water.

Neerlandia Co-op also offers a fill station in the Hamlet of Neerlandia, which is privately operated through the Co-op by account.