Property Assessment & Taxes

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Your property tax assessment was completed using the guidelines contained in the Municipal Government Act (MGA).  For more information on all things assessment and taxation, view the Government of Alberta's Guide to Property Assessment & Taxation.  Copies are also available at the County office during regular business hours.
Please also note:
  • All municipalities are required by law to follow the guidelines within the MGA.
  • Assessors use sales information to calculate the value of your property.  This means that market value, not the assessor, determines the value of your property.  Similar properties will have comparable assessed values.
  • All farmland properties are now assessed using the Productivity Levels prescribed in the current provincial legislation designed to measure the potential capability of farmland to produce income from farming operations.
  • Your 2024 assessment is an estimate of your property's real estate value as of July 1, 2023.  If your building was only partially complete on December 31, 2023, your assessment reflects the value of the land and value of the building based on percentage completed.  
Feel free to review the full Tax Rate Bylaw, or read below for the assessment and taxation summary.  Below, you can also learn how to file an assessment complaint, find a listing of assessment and taxation important dates, and learn how to change you address.  

Property taxes can be paid a number of ways: 
  1. By mail or in-person: 5306-49 Street, Barrhead, AB  T7N 1N5
    • In-person payments can be made with cash, cheque, or debit
  2. Through your financial institution, online banking or telephone banking services
  3. By E-transfer to:
  4. By signing up for our Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP) program

MUNICIPAL  Tax Levy  Assessment  Tax Rate
 Residential $ 4,809,574 $ 782,922,890 6.1431
 Farmland $ 1,110,820 $  61,130,450 18.1713
 Non-Residential $ 897,307 $ 49,380,450 18.1713
 Pipe & Power $ 2,580,482 $ 142,008,700 18.1713
 Machinery & Equipment $ 863,786 $ 47,535,730 18.1713
 Total Municipal $ 10,261,969 $ 1,082,978,220
EDUCATION  Tax Levy Assessment  Tax Rate
 Residential and Farmland $ 2,100,330 $ 832,407,389 2.5232
 Non-Residential $ 638,310 $ 191,236,740 3.3378
 Opted-Out School Board
 Evergreen CRSD
 Residential and Farmland $ 24,750 $ 9,809,001 2.5232
 Non-Residential $ 170 $ 50,900 3.3378
 Total Education $ 2,763,560 $ 1,033,504,030
 Tax Levy Assessment  Tax Rate
 Total $ 230,802 $ 1,081,039,760 0.2135
 Tax Levy Assessment  Tax Rate
 Total $ 14,948 $ 195,394,170 0.0765


 Tax Levy Grand Total $ 13,271,279

A complaint may be made about any of the following matters, as shown on an assessment or tax notice:

  • the description of a property or business
  • the name and mailing address of an assessed person or taxpayer
  • an assessment amount
  • an assessment class
  • an assessment sub-class
  • the type of property
  • the type of improvement
  • school support
  • whether the property is assessable
  • whether the property or business is exempt from taxation under Part 10.

There is no right to make a complaint about any tax rate.

Assessment complaint fees:

  • Residential - 3 or fewer units & farmland  - - - - -  $50.00
  • Residential - 4 or more units  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  $200.00
  • Non-Residential - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  $200.00
You have 60 days from the Notice of Assessment date (as printed on your Combined Assessment and Property Tax Notice) to file a complaint with the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board.  

First, if you believe your property assessment is inaccurate, please contact the County Assessor at 780-674-3331.  If you and the assessor cannot come to an agreement, you may proceed by filing a formal complaint to the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board.  The Assessment Review Board has the authority to review your assessment and direct the Assessor.

An assessment complaint must be filed using the Government of Alberta Assessment Review Board Complaint Form. Alternatively, if you intend to have an agent submit a complaint on your behalf, it must be authorized in writing on the Government of Alberta Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization Form

It is important to complete all fields on the complaint form that are relevant to your property.  This will help the assessment review board clerk schedule the appropriate amount of time for your hearing to allow the board members to familiarize themselves with your case prior to the hearing.  

The Government of Alberta has published a guide on Filing a Property Assessment Complaint and Preparing for Your Hearing

Assessment complaints must be returned to:

Clerk of the Assessment Review Board
County of Barrhead
5306 49 Street
Barrhead, AB T7N 1N5

 Passing of 2024 Property Tax Bylaw No. 3-2024: April 16, 2024
 Mailing of 2024 Combined Assessment & Tax Notices: May 27, 2024
 Notice of Assessment date: June 4, 2024
 Deadline for filing a property assessment appeal: August 6, 2024
 Payment deadline for 2023 property taxes: August 31, 2024
 Late payment penalty of 8% applied to all unpaid taxes after: August 31, 2024
 Late payment penalty of 4% applied to all unpaid taxes after: October 31, 2024
 Late payment penalty of 4% applied to all unpaid taxes after: February 28, 2025
The County of Barrhead receives property ownership and mailing address information for property tax and assessment notices from the Province of Alberta Land Titles Office.  Therefore, legal name changes, spelling corrections, or mailing address updates must be made through Alberta Land Titles before the County of Barrhead can update our records.  
To change your address with Land Titles, complete the Change of Mailing Address Form
Completed forms can be sent to:
Edmonton Land Titles Office
Box 2380
Edmonton, AB T5J 2T3
Phone: 780-427-2742