Subdivision & Development Permits

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If you plan on making changes on your land in the County of Barrhead, you may require permits from Planning & Development.   

A development permit is required for any new development on a property, including new structures, additions to existing structures, and moving a structure on to a property.  A subdivision application is required when splitting one property into two or more parts.  A compliance letter is a document from the County that reviews records and confirms if all structures on a property are permitted and meet district regulations.   

Please note that the County of Barrhead is not accredited to provide building, electrical, plumbing, or gas permits.  For these, individuals must contact an agency authorized by the Alberta Safety Codes Authority to issue permits in non-accredited municipalities.  Accredited agencies serving the County of Barrhead are: 
Superior Safety Codes Inc.
780-489-4777 or 1-866-999-4777
The Inspections Group Inc.
780-454-5048 or 1-866-554-5048
IJD Inspections


Expand the options below for more information on Planning & Development application forms.  Questions regarding applications can be directed to the Development Department at 780-674-3331.  

Development Permit 
A development permit is required for any new development on a property within the county.  This includes, new structures, additions to existing structures/change in footprint of an existing structure, and moving a structure on to a property.
development permit application must be filled and returned with the following:
  • Site plan: a drawing of the location of the structure on the parcel of land showing setbacks (distances) from existing buildings as well as from property lines
  • Floor plan:  a drawing of the planned floor plan for the structure
  • Associated fee:  Payment can be made in person via cash, interac or cheque, by mail via cheque, or e transfer to  Please refer to the Schedule of Fees, Charges & Payment Rates.
Completed applications can be dropped off at the County Office during regular business hours or emailed to 
Subdivision Application 
Anyone wishing to subdivide land, change their existing land use designation, or submit an area structure plan, will be required to submit the necessary application forms and supporting information found below.  For detailed information on the process, read the Guide to Subdivision before starting your application!
When subdividing, the Province of Alberta will often require municipalities to reserve a portion of the land for public use or environmental conservation. Read more about reserves here.

Completed applications and supporting documentation can be dropped off at the County Office during regular business hours or emailed to
For subdivision fees, refer to the Subdivision Fee Guide.
A Compliance Letter is a document from the County of Barrhead that reviews a submitted Real Property Report and confirms that all buildings and structures on a parcel have met the regulations for their district, and have obtained the appropriate development permits.  
Requesting a Compliance Letter
Requests must be made in writing, sent to, or faxed to 780-674-2777. 
A Real Property Report (RPR) for the parcel in question must be included with the request. 
The RPR is then reviewed by the Development Officer to see if it meets the current Zoning Bylaw regulations, and that relevant development permits have been issued.  Once reviewed, the applicant will receive a copy of the Compliance Letter via email or fax from the County of Barrhead, and the original will be sent in the mail.

Real Property Reports
The RPR must be prepared, signed, and stamped by a Certified Alberta Land Surveyor.  The RPR must show:
  • All existing buildings and structures on the property, including fences and sheds
  • The distances from existing buildings and structures to property lines
  • The date of the survey
  • The address and legal description of the property

In Compliance:
If everything on the property complies with the parcel's current Zoning Bylaw, and if all buildings and structures shown on the Real Property Report have the required permits, the Compliance Letter will indicate that the property is in compliance.
Nonconforming Structures:
If the buildings or structures on a property have permits according to a prior Zoning Bylaw requirement, but fail to meet current Zoning Bylaw requirements, the applicant will receive a Compliance Letter indicating that their buildings and structures are "legal nonconforming".  In this situation, the appropriate permits are in place and no further action is required.
Corrective Action Required: 
If the appropriate permits or encroachment agreements for some structures have not been obtained, the Compliance Letter will identify the issues and what corrective actions that the applicant must take to rectify the issue (ie, apply for an encroachment agreement, remove the structure, or apply for permits).
Fees and Payment
Compliance Letters are $50.00 per property (exclusive of GST)
Payments can be made in person with cash, debit or cheque, by mail via cheque, or by e-transfer to