Enforcement Services

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County of Barrhead employs a full-time Community Peace Officer to provide bylaw and provincial statute enforcement throughout the County.

The Peace Officer is employed by the municipality, and is in uniform operating a fully marked emergency vehicle.

Inquiries & Complaints:
If you have questions or complaints relating to a municipal bylaw or provincial offence, contact the CPO complaint line (phone line available 24/7):
Call: 780-284-9757
What has our CPO been up to?
Our Peace Officer provides regular reports to Council on recent activities. Take a look through the most recent Enforcement Services Report to see how the CPO has been engaged in our communities in recent months.
What can our CPO do? 
The County's Peace Officer is legislated by Alberta Public Safety & Emergency Services to enforce several municipal and provincial statues, and is responsible for:
  • County infrastructure protection,
  • Traffic safety on all roads within the County, 
  • Enforcing and investigating municipal bylaw complaints,
  • Assisting the RCMP, Alberta Sheriffs, Forestry and other external agencies,
  • Assisting County departments when required (Planning & Development, Regional Fire Department)
Our Peace Officer is authorized to enforce all municipal bylaws for the County of Barrhead. In addition to municipal bylaws, our Peace Officer is appointed to enforce the following provincial legislation: