Agriculture Services Programs

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Weed & Brush Control
County Agricultural Services is responsible for controlling prohibited and noxious weeds on public and private property, using the most effective and environmentally sound means possible.  Ag Services also controls trees and brush along the roads, to improve road safety and general maintenance.  County Council also appoints a seasonal Weed & Pest Inspector, who is responsible for monitoring and preventing the spread of invasive pests and noxious weeds.

Pest Control
Agricultural Services work with landowners to control pests like coyotes and pocket gophers, in accordance with provincial legislation. Magpie, skunk, fox and weasel traps are available to rent for a small fee.
Ag services also assists with beaver control, but only for problem beavers that are affecting agricultural lands.  This usually involves flooded crop land, such as hay, pasture, cereals and grains. Please note there may be a charge for beaver mitigation services, traps, and controls.
Education & Advocacy 
Agricultural Services is pleased to educate and inform residents with current information, new technology or new legislation relating to agriculture. Throughout the year, Ag Services hosts many seminars, workshops, and webinars on a wide variety of agriculture and conservation topics.  
Pond Days 2023 
One example of widely successful educational programming is Pond Days, an annual event that teaches local grade 5 students about wetlands, riparian ecosystems, watersheds, wilderness safety, and more! County of Barrhead thanks Alberta Conservation Association for helping to fund this event.

Conservation & Sustainability
Agricultural Services strives to promote conservation practices that enhance both agriculture and the environment. County of Barrhead is a member of ALUS, a community-developed and farmer-delivered program that supports ecosystem services on agricultural land.  County of Barrhead also promotes many ag plastic recycling programs, and many other conservation initiatives.