Members at Large

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Meeting RoomCounty boards & committees are diverse, independent & impartial, and provide advice on a range of issues that affect County residents & services.  Each year, County Council appoints citizens (known as "members at large") to certain boards and committees. This ensures that committees are made up of members with varied skills, backgrounds, and experiences.

As a resident, serving on a board or committee is an excellent opportunity to learn more about municipal government and make a difference in your community! Board experience is an impressive addition to your resume and can help expand your network.  Additionally, members at large are compensated for attending meetings.

Call for Board & Committee Members:
County currently seeks to fill positions as members at large on the following boards & committees.  Letters of interest will be accepted until November 14, 2023.  
  • Agricultural Service Board (ASB)
    • Advises County Council regarding agriculture matters like weed & pest control, soil & water conservation, sustainable agriculture, and policy development.
  • Agricultural Pests Appeal Committee & Weed Control Appeal Panel
    • Hears appeals of inspector's notices issued under the Agricultural Pests Act and the Weed Control Act.
  • ALUS Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC)
    • Makes decisions on proposed landowner projects, project payment structures, and external organization participation in the ALUS program
  • Barrhead Library Board
    • Intermunicipal board that oversees the management and operation of the Barrhead Public Library and Neerlandia Public Library.
  • Barrhead Regional Fire Services Committee
    • Reviews and recommends budgets, policies and procedures for efficient operation of Barrhead Regional Fire Services.
  • Barrhead Regional Water Commission
    • Ensures provision of potable water through operation of a water treatment plants and transmission system to the County & Town of Barrhead.
  • Economic & Community Development Committee
    • Makes recommendations to County Council regarding economic & community development matters in the municipality.  
For a detailed description of each committee, view the Board & Committee ListingFind more information on how to submit a letter of interest below.

How to get involved:

How can I apply to be a member at large?

Interested individuals must submit a letter of interest to the address below.  Letters of interest should include relevant experience and any previous board or committee involvement.

Pam Dodds, Executive Assistant to CAO
County of Barrhead
5306 49 Street
Barrhead, AB  T7N 1N5

Who can apply? 
Any resident of the County (18 and older) may apply for a position on any of our committees where positions for members at large are available.  The Town of Barrhead may also have positions available on joint committees.

How are members selected? 
All applications are taken to Council for review.  Council will determine which candidate is most suitable for the position. Applicants should ensure that their letter of interest includes all relevant experience and any previous board or committee involvement.

What if I am not the successful applicant? 
Whether successful or not, all applicants will be notified by post or email.

When are members selected? 
Council will select committee members at large during the regular Council Meeting on November 21, 2023.

What is the compensation for members at large? 
Committee members receive the normal County per diem rates and mileage for attending a meeting.  

Which committees have members at large? 
Members at large currently serve on the following boards & committees:
  • Agriculture Service Board (ASB)
  • Agricultural Pests Appeal Committee
  • ALUS Partnership Advisory Committee (PAC)
  • Barrhead Fire Services Committee
  • Barrhead Regional Water Commission
  • Economic & Community Development Committee
  • Barrhead Library Board
  • Subdivision & Development Appeal Board
  • Weed Control Appeal Panel
For a description of each committee & current members at large, read more about County Boards & Committees.