Available Land: Kiel Industrial Park

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Kiel Info
The County continues to pursue economic development in the agribusiness sector and is committed to exploring and building opportunities.  Acquisition and development of Phase 1 of Kiel has created the opportunity for the County to offer a low cost solution with negotiable terms to meet the business needs of agri-food developments.
NOW SELLING PHASE ONE LOTS: 3.95 to 7.76 acres

      • Offering accessible and flexible lots 
      • Fully serviced lots ready for immediate development 
      • Negotiable purchase price and financing options available 
      • Phase 2 lots available (up to 100+ acres)
Click here to view the Kiel Industrial Park brochure
County of Barrhead's Kiel Industrial Park offers the following advantages:
  1. Options to create the space needed, when needed.  Kiel offers serviced and unserviced lots and has the flexibility to accommodate a variety of needs.
  2. Significantly lower land prices, as confirmed by research of listed properties.  Additional price reductions offered to higher taxation value companies if they choose to be an anchor tenant for Kiel.
  3. Significantly lower property taxes for commercial / industrial properties compared to Edmonton Metropolitan Region.
  4. Non-residential Tax Incentive Bylaw in place by Council to attract and support new and expanding investment.
  5. Streamlined and simple processes for development and permitting, as land is zoned Direct Control.
  6. Ready access to local and regional labor pool and area markets for additional requirements.
  7. Commitment to support the company beyond just a location and price, as the County is committed to supporting agribusiness.
Reach out for further details, engineering specs, and the County’s commitment to growing Alberta, we can partner to grow your business today! 
For more information on the County of Barrhead's initiatives, please contact Development Officer Jenny Bruns at 780-674-3331