Get Cyber Safe

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Keeping Canadians safe online is important to us at the County of Barrhead, which is why we committed to becoming Cyber Safe champions!  In 2023, the County also proclaimed October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Stepping up your cyber fitness can be very similar to a workout routine! Take the 5 week challenge below to step up your cyber fitness!

Weekly Challenges 

Week 1: Warmup Week
Ready to step up your cyber fitness? The County of Barrhead is here to help you get warmed up to be cyber safe!  Stretch your cyber security muscles by taking the Cyber Fit Assessment Quiz to get started! 

Week 2: Account Workout
Get motivated for your first account workout by learning ways to keep it secure like using a strong passphrase, learning what multi-factor authentication is, or learning more about phishing! Get started on your account workout by following these links:
Week 3: Learning Self-defense
We want to help you level up your cyber fitness with tips on self-defence! Installing anti-virus software, using a virtual private network (VPN), and securing your home Wi-Fi  are all things you can do to get cyber safe. Find out more in these links:
Week 4: Maintaining Muscle
You've worked hard to build those cyber security muscles, so it's important to maintain them! Protecting your data by doing regular backups is a great way to get cyber safe and continue your cyber fitness journey! See how at these links:
Week 5: Strength in Numbers
As Cyber Safe champions, we know that working on our cyber fitness is easier when you do it as a team! If you followed along on our cyber fitness challenge, help your loved ones by sharing some of these tips to get stronger together! Find more information at these links: