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County of Barrhead Attractions:

Athabasca River Sandhills Wildland Park
(780) 674-3331 

This amazing natural area is located along the shore of the Athabasca River, near the Klondike Ferry Crossing. Visitors are mesmerized by the steep valley walls, river flats, springs and wetlands; sand dunes formations and pine, white spruce and aspen forests. More than 435 plant species have been recorded in the park.

Barrhead Golf Club & Recreation Area
(780) 674-3053

This is a truly breathtaking and challenging 18 hole golf course that winds along the Paddle River. Paved cart paths, trees and flowers, and fountains provide the rich scenery, and the treacherous water hazards and local wildlife will keep you on your toes during your game! This facility also offers secluded treed camping stalls, licensed restaurant, pro shop, driving range and walking trails. Located 4 km west of Barrhead.

Barrhead Johnson Airport
(780) 674-3331

Johnson Industrial Airport, located 3 km from the Town of Barrhead, has a 3,500 foot runway and all-weather facilities. It is equipped with the WAAS system, which allows for GPS navigation to pilots, as well as an altimeter (RASS). A strong local recreation flying club uses it regularly – and it also hosts light commercial and industrial traffic who are fast finding it a great location with easy access to stop over. 

Batt Traps 9-hole Golf Course & Recreation Area
(780) 584-2344

Batt Traps has some amazing things going on. Want to get dirty? Feel the rush of adrenaline as your quad sinks into 5 feet of mud? Get loud? Batt Traps has miles of quad trails, hosts Mudd Bogg events and competitions. Once you have had enough excitement there, they also have a 9 hole golf course, an easier pace, where you can breathe, relax, and enjoy the wildlife to view, hazards to negotiate, and laughs to be had. Located 26 km North of the Town of Barrhead on Highway 33, Batt Traps also has serviced, group and non-serviced camping sites as well as a hall (with catering services) available for rent. Because face it, one day is not going to give you enough of this place!

B.U.M.P Off Road Motorsport Park & Campground
(780) 349-6868

Located 20 km South East of the Town of Barrhead South on Range Road 14 from Highway 651, this area offers everything for the off-road enthusiast. With miles of trail, high ranking race facilities, serviced and non-serviced camping, skidooing capability, places for horse trails or mountain bikes, you will find the adrenaline, the freedom, and the space to let go and find your inner speed demons!

Clear Lake Park & Campground

This quiet lake is managed by the local agricultural society and every summer, people come to enjoy the privacy and solitude that a small lake can offer. Located 32 km northwest of the Town of Barrhead on Highway 18 and Highway 763, it offers the following: 74 Campsites with lots of trees for privacy, non serviced, as well as group camping. 2 boat launches for fishing, boating, water sports or swimming. There is also some firewood, a fish cleaning station, nice sandy beach and dock, playgrounds, and a sheltered picnic site. Other activities include Ice Fishing, bird watching and hiking.

Dolberg Lake & Campground
(780) 674-3331 

A quiet trout lake, Dolberg Lake offers a nice peaceful get-a-way. Located 45 km northwest of Barrhead, it has 12 treed camping sites, a water well, fish cleaning station, boat launch for small boats, and a nice dock, should you choose to dangle your feet over the edge and cast a line, or for canoeing, quietly gliding along the water, watching a moose swim by on a warm summer afternoon!

Highridge Rodeo Grounds
(780) 674-3331
The locals annually host the Highridge Rodeo and Social BBQ. The grounds have ample parking for you and your horses, and the kids will have fun chasing each other around! This is the essence of rural culture and community spirit!

Holmes Crossing Campground
(780) 674-3331

This site is close to the Athabasca River and an excellent stop point for quadding, hikers and nature enthusiasts. This area is also adjacent to the Holmes Crossing Ecological Reserve, a historical and natural wonder, with some of the best and few occurrences of transverse sand dunes in Canada! Many people camp here and go fishing at the mouth of the Athabasca and Freeman Rivers. Friends and family gather on the weekends to enjoy camaraderie, share laughs and soak up the sun. Located 6 km south of Fort Assiniboine on Highway 33. There are 15 treed camping sites, with a water well, walking trails, sheltered picnic site and central cooking shelter.

Holmes Crossing Eco Reserve
(780) 674-3331

This site is close to the Athabasca River a historical and natural wonder, with some of the best (and few) occurrences of transverse sand dunes in Canada!

Holmes Crossing Ecological Reserve is enjoyed by many visitors in all seasons. Activities include nature hikes, berry picking, picnicking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, canoeing, gold-panning, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

Jack Pine and Aspen are the major trees species. they grow in pure stands or mixed wood forests on the upland sand dunes. In moister sites along the river valley, White Spruce, Aspen and Balsam Poplar dominate, and most are frequently part of mixed wood forests. A variety of wetlands occur in the depressions between the sand dunes.

Wildlife is abundant. Deer and moose use the river valley extensively. Black bear, snowshoe hare, red squirrel and beaver are also common. Bird species are numerous and in the pine forests are common nighthawk, solitary vireo, pine siskin and purple finch.

Klondyke Ferry Crossing & Campground
(780) 674-3331

This historic Ferry crossing is a one of a kind experience. One the last remaining cable ferries in the Province, the ferry crosses the scenic Athabasca River with soaring banks and fast waters. It connects the County of Barrhead to the Athabasca Sand Hills and Timeu Off Road Vehicle Sandhills Area, as well as many hiking and bicycling trails. Located 8 km West of Vega along Highway 661. You will feel you have stepped back in time on this ride. Keep following the road through and you will find the Sandhills where you can drive or hike. You will even come across the Timeu graveyard, where many pioneers and forefathers of the area were laid to rest dating back to the days of the Klondike. The campground offers 10 camping sites, water well, group area and sheltered cooking site.

Lac La Nonne & Elks Beach Campground
(780) 967-5029

Lac La Nonne has its historical roots with the Hudsons Bay Company setting up fur trades along its banks many many years ago. Today the lake hosts much wildlife, natural areas, campgrounds, boat launches, and all that summer fun allocated with lakes in Alberta. This lake has a very active local group that hosts activities to raise awareness of lake health and also things like the Annual Boat Regala. Cottage owners dress up their boats and parade for judges and bystanders on shore! You will feel at home, at peace and ready to come back to this lake soon! Located 14 km south Barrhead, the campground offers full services (power and water hookups), and the following: Showers, sheltered picnic sites, playgrounds, boat launch and rentals, flush toilets, sewage disposal, swimming, hiking, fishing, concession, bird watching, water sports and more!

Misty Ridge Ski Hill
(780) 674-4242

Misty Ridge is located 35km north of Barrhead and has over 100 acres of runs overlooking the scenic Athabasca river. Founded in 1971 by a local group to provide a family based and affordable ski facility.

The bunny hill is over 400 feet long, so it provides plenty of space to learn for beginners. The little chalet includes a cafeteria with concession, new rentals, and lessons. Snow making equipment ensures opening dates and a longer season. The Nordic and alpine trails are amazing and we are glad to have the cross country trails properly groomed and leveled. The family atmosphere and reasonable prices still make this one of the favorite places for young and old.

Peanut Lake & Campground
(780) 674-3331 

This quiet trout lake is a great weekend getaway for the family. Picture yourself in the quiet of the lake, the loons and ducks calling, enjoying the peace only a smaller campground can provide. Located 14 km southeast of Barrhead, there are 18 well treed camping sites, water well, boat launch for smaller boats and canoes, fishing, scenic walks, birdwatching and a day use area for picnics.

P.O.W. Paint balling 
(780) 305-7079

P.O.W. Paint balling has two courses over 3 acres of land. Main course is a mil sim course, with buildings, cars, tires and walls this course is an adrenaline rush for all ages. With two story buildings, tight corners and long sniping areas as well.

The second course is a huge trench system, with an airplane in the center, this trench system from above looks like a huge Celtic knot. These trenches are in your face action, with amazing close combat and long range support. This is a great course to get your heart rate up and your adrenaline fix.

We are also working on a third course, a remake of a shipping yard, with large wooden shipping crates, and grid-like roads. This course will be a lot of fun for the medium to long range game.

Pro Shop
We have a fully stocked pro shop, with intro and advanced milsim markers, upgrades, protective equipment and tactical equipment, paint for sale, smoke grenades, paint grenades, C02 and HPA. If we do not have something in stock we can get it for you. We also have rentals if you do not own your own equipment.

Thunder Lake Provincial Park & Campground
(780) 674-4051 or 
(780) 674-6454

Thunder Lake Provincial Park is the perfect family get away. It has a store with ice cream for those hot summer days, a boat launch to get those high energy water sports, tons of walking trails for mountain biking, hiking or nature watching, and a fully developed subdivision where you can walk through the cabins, among the shade of the trees and soak up the lake atmosphere. There are 2 playgrounds, a huge group area, and 127 well treed campsites, most of them services. There is a shower house, and change rooms with bathrooms on the beach also. Firewood is available for purchase, along with all the things a camper would need, ice, bug spray, marshmallows, and even toys for the kids!

Winter time offers the frozen beauty of the lake, ice fishing and fish derbies, snowmobiling, and cross country skiing.

Walking Trails

MacGill Estates & Homesteader Trails have groomed trails for walking, biking and cross country skiing along the Paddle River and the Paddle River Golf Course. They let you meander between the Town and County, while getting some exercise, you can also be enjoying scenery, subdivisions, wildlife, and even stop to pick a Saskatoon berry or two along the way!