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WebMap is an interactive, online mapping application that offers access to a wide range of useful municipal land information, including detailed aerial photography, zoning and tax assessments.

NOTE: WebMap does not contain land ownership information. Printed land ownership maps are available for purchase at the County office ($15 each).


Please note: We are experiencing an unexpected issue with our WebMap service.  Users may currently be unable to view the most recent orthophotos of the County of Barrhead.  All other features are unaffected and functioning as usual.  


To access WebMap, click this link:

Use WebMap

How to use WebMap
Click "Log in as guest"
WebMap Login
You must agree to the disclaimer before accessing WebMap.

Basic Movement

You can zoom in and out on the map using the scroll wheel on your mouse or the icons and slide bar at the top of the map.
WebMap Scroll and Zoom
Hovering over a property will show basic information, clicking on a property will bring up more information.
Navigating the Site
The menu on the left side of the map is used to navigate the site and find information about the County.
Legend: this tab shows all layers available to display on the map. Expand to see available options by clicking on the arrow next to the layer.  This will display all available features of the layer.  Click these features off and on to display different information on the map.
WebMap Legend

Searches: this tab allows searches with different parameters.  Under "Search Groups", select an option from drop down: parcel, legal location, latitude/longitude, or transportation.  Complete the filter lines that populate (red boxes are required), then hit "Search".  WebMap will take you to the property you are searching for.
WebMap Searches

Imagery: click on the "imagery" button located in top right corner of map. To turn on aerial photography, click on "2021 Ortho", then click submit.  This will display aerial photography as of late summer 2021.  Reverse these steps to turn it off.  
WebMap Ortho
Measuring Tool: use this tool to draw lines and measure distances on properties. Select method of measurement (distance or area) – Quick Line Distance is a good general use tool. Using the mouse, click to start the measurement, move mouse to end point, and click to end. The distance/area is displayed. To clear all measurements, click on the refresh icon (), just above the measuring tool icon.
 WebMap Measuring ToolWebMap Measuring