Industry Sectors

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We have seen moderate growth in the past few years, as with all of Alberta, and a lot of diversification in our economic base. Traditionally, the main base was agriculture, but other industries are becoming large contributors. Oil and gas are a large part of our business base, due to our proximity to Swan Hills, a resource town built on oil and gas, as well as large exploration and pipeline development within our area. We also have exploration and processing of coal bed methane, a biofuel production facility in the neighboring municipality in the works, and forestry with two large lumber mills close by.

We are home to several large manufacturing facilities: Pollard Banknote (a lottery ticket plant), Richardson Milling (processes barley and oats), Northplex (manufactures modular homes), and many other companies which are large employers in the area. Recreation and tourism opportunities are available due to our convenient location near Edmonton. In addition, the area offers a variety of landscapes and excellent water bodies!

Within agriculture, diversification is prevalent; thus, encompassing numerous mixed farming enterprises including grain, peas, hog, beef, dairy, poultry, elk, sheep, goats, ostrich, rhea, purebred cattle, purebred hogs, llamas, alpaca and seed growers. Diversification has expanded to ventures in market gardens, greenhouse vegetables, field vegetables, rhubarb, spice growing, garden nurseries and tree nurseries.

We offer a wide range of retail, shopping and supply outlets and stores, with community-minded service. Our businesses give generously of their time and resources to give back to our residents and community!

The following are our major employers and manufacturers in our County.
Note, there are also many employment opportunities with public bodies such as:
  • Alberta Health Services
  • Pembina Hills Regional School Division 
  • Learning Technologies Branch.

Major Manufacturers

Northplex: Modular home builder and modular construction company
Neeralta Manufacturing: Wide range of abilities to meet the needs of the agricultural, oil and gas, and construction industries
Pollard Banknote: Generates scratch and win lottery tickets
Crop Production Services Ltd.: Fertilizer, grain sales and service, chemicals, herbicides
Richardson Milling: Barley and oat processing
Barrhead Plastics: Plastic productions
Breal Metal Buildings & Industrial Insulation Ltd.: Metal buildings, industrial insulation
GFR Ingredients: Processing food and nutrition supplements such as hemp